Raising Kids Simply During a Pandemic

Mandy Murphy
5 min readOct 24, 2020

This is a very stressful time for raising kids.

The decision making involved in determining which school model is not only best for my family, but best for my child alone is daunting. Every family has a different story — these are hard decisions. No matter what you do choose, make sure it is sustainable for you as parents. Raising kids is hard, they sense when stress is present — we often underestimate their keen observation abilities.

There are several things that can help us stick to simplicity during complex times. Kids do very well with simplicity. It’s us adults that struggle with this concept.

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Tips for Raising kids during a pandemic

Create a consistent and cozy bedtime routine. Children need a regular ‘bedtime’ every single night. We start our bedtime routine before the actual bedtime. So, if bedtime is 8:00 pm — we start the process about 7:30 pm. I set an alarm on my phone that has a distinct calming ringtone when I want that process to start. They know exactly what it means when they hear it! That predicted time for them brings security and sets their internal clocks to follow that pattern each night. Eliminate electronics at bedtime. Technology stimulates us — I don’t know about you, but the last thing I want is my children to be stimulated at bedtime! We read 1 book. We say a prayer of gratitude. I set out some legos, books, or small figures for bedtime toys. These are very simple toys — helps them wrap up their day of playing, calms them, and then they are out (most of the time). If you already have electronics in their bedtime routine and try to break this — it is completely normal for it to be a nightmare! Don’t give up — that just shows you how addictive it is.

Let them play. Play takes an important role in brain function and building social bonds. Independent play is also important. Let them play — outside, inside, with toys, with friends, independently. Let them talk to themselves in role play. Let them get dirty. In our culture, our child’s schedules are often more hectic than our own. We are the parents. I think we have to step back and ask ourselves if all of it is truly necessary. Our kids can choose 1 activity a season — nothing more (the bank of choices that we provide to them is by our design). Family and…



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